Nancy Zilversmit

Blogger, Psychic, Spirit Communicator, Radio Host, Storyteller, Human Being

In short:

Can I say I am a bit quirky? I think I honestly can, but I am a great master of disguising it and acting normal in certain crowds of physical plane people. Of course, when I find myself with other people who have similar gifts as mine there is nothing to hide. I am a spirit communicator and more.

I have hosted a radio show for many years on the matters of spiritual, paranormal, supernatural and more on Achieve Radio for about 7 years. The show was called
Outside the Box. You can visit the archives for free. There is talk of restarting the show in mid-2015.

Hosting a radio show was more than live interviews and handling callers. It allowed me to be a storyteller of many experiences of my own and those of spirit, people who know me, worked with me or studied with me.

I loved writing those stories down and being an oral storyteller and teacher. The blog here will give some of the same insight and advice in case you have similar incidents or just a curious interest about particular subject matter. I am never short on stories to tell and will share many for your reading interest.

Other things:

As a kid we moved around so much that I attended 12 schools before graduating from high school in 11th grade.

I am an Army Veteran. The last group to go through basic training as a WAC (Women’s Army Corp). Women enlisted after us got the Regular Army designation and were the first women to take gun/rifle training. I served in an Army hospital in Nuremberg, Germany at the end of the Viet Nam War.

People look at me and go, “You’re how old?” I have had that problem most of my life looking much younger than I am. Well, it’s really not that much of a problem.

I once was asked by a person who inquired about my life experiences, in front of my sons, “What have you NOT done?” My sons just laughed.

I enjoy Candy Crush and Facebook. Guilty pleasures.

I like fuzzy socks in the winter and sandals the rest of the year. I am a thrift store addict and a Domestic Goddess.

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